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How can I get a printed catalog ?

If you would like a printed catalog, please send a personal check or money order for $4.95 made out to GoShoppingMall.com to the following address:

Go Shopping Mall Catalog
3560 Investment Lane 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404

Please include your address, certificate number and password with your request. Your catalog will be sent via regular U.S. Mail and should arrive in 18 to 21 days.

When you receive your catalog, follow the order form directions found at the back of the catalog. You will need to pay for your shipping and handling charges via a money order. We accept any type of money order drawn on a U. S. Bank, but we cannot accept personal checks.

Once we receive your order in the mail we will process and send it to you. Your order will arrive in 10-18 days. 

What does my Certificate dollar amount apply toward ?

Your Certificate  has no cash value and is only redeemable on GoShoppingMall.com website. The  dollar amount issued on the  Certificate applies to the market price of the items listed and only the market price.

You may select as many items as you desire up to the  Certificate amount based on the market price for each item. You pay shipping and handling on each item.You may not use your certificate amount to pay the shipping and handling on the order. You may use all of your Certificate at one time or place additional orders as often as you wish.

You have one year from your first purchase to use the Certificate in full or you forfeit all remaining dollar amounts on the Certificate.

Your  Certificate amount may not be used for any additional services. While you are shopping, you will see the remaining dollar amount available in the upper right hand corner of the website. 

What if I lose or forget my certificate number or password ?

If you lose your  Certificate or lose the Number and/or Password, you may not use the dollar amount on the certificate. Although the certificate has no cash value, we strongly recommend you treat it the same as you would cash and put it in a safe, secure place. 

I am having trouble entering my certificate number and password, can you help ?

If your computer does not allow access to our website, we suggest the following:

1. Please enter your certificate number and password in the access areas slowly and double check to make sure the numbers are correct.

2. If you use an older version of Netscape you may have difficulty logging on. If you use Netscape and your computer does not recognize the certificate number and password, open Internet Explorer and go to our site using Internet Explorer.

3. You may be behind a FIREWALL that will not allow you to access the database from that computer (this is very possible if you are trying to access the website from work). Please try accessing from your home computer or another computer if possible.

If you continue to have problems please email our Customer Service Department for assistance: 

When Does My Certificate Expire ? 
It expires one year from the date of your first purchase

How do I place an order ?

Pick out the product(s) that you want and click on the button that says add to cart. You will then see your shopping cart.

Either continue to shop or check out. To check out, click on the button that says Check Out. Follow the directions that appear on your screen. You will be charged shipping and handling.

You will see your total and be asked to confirm your transaction by entering your credit card information.

After hitting continue, you will see a receipt appear on your screen. Please print the receipt for your records. In addition, a receipt is automatically sent to your email address.

At that point your order entry is complete. Your order is then prepared and checked for accuracy.Your order will then be shipped and you should receive it in 8-10 business days.

Can I ship my order to a secondary address?

Due to security reasons our merchant bank will only allow you to ship your
order to the address that appears on your credit card statement.

If you have recently moved, please make sure that you update your address
with your credit card company before placing your order.


Do I have to use the entire Certificate amount ?

No, you may use any portion that you want up to the amount listed on your certificate. For example, you can use $100 worth today and come back in several weeks to use an additional $100 or any amount up to the amount stated on your certificate.

Please keep in mind that your certificate will expire within one year after your first purchase. 

My credit card won't go through, how come ?

We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express or Discover Card.

The billing address on file with the credit card company must match the bearer of the credit card making the purchase.

If your address recently changed and your credit card company was not notified your order will be rejected. If this occurs call the credit card company to correct the address, allow time for the update and revisit our website once the address has posted.

If you are trying to ship to an address that is different from your billing address that address must be on file with your credit card company. Again, call your credit card company and inform them about your other address or simply have the goods shipped to your billing address.

If you are still experiencing difficulty after trying the suggestions above, please email our Customer Service Department for assistance. 

How much is shipping & handling?

You paythe shipping and handling fee for each item; there are no other charges.

The market cost of the actual product is deducted from your Certificate total. All fees must be paid by credit card for orders that are placed online. If you do not have a credit card you may order a printed catalog and shop by mail. When ordering by mail, you may enclose a money order to pay for the shipping & handling of your item(s). To order a printed catalog, please follow the instructions on your Shopping Spree Certificate or see above.

If you have further questions about fees, please see our Terms & Conditions for additional information. 

I have a question about an order that I have placed and/or I'm not sure if my order went through ?

You may check the status of an order at any time by clicking on MY ACCOUNT (near the top of any page).

When an order is placed on our website, a screen prompts you to charge a credit card and then displays a receipt. You may print this receipt and/or one can be provided to you via email. 

If you do NOT see a receipt on your screen your order has not been placed . if you do expect to receive your package in 10 - 14 days.

If you are experiencing difficulty, please email or call our Customer Service Department for assistance. 

When will I receive my items ?

Expect to receive your order within 10 to 14 days.

You can check the status of any order by clicking on MY ACCOUNT near the top of any page. 

Can I check the status of my order ?

Yes, simply click on My Account to check on the status of your order. 

Can you ship an order to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Internationally or to an APO or FPO address ?

At this time we only ship to the Continental United States.

We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, APO or FPO address or any other address outside of the Continental United States. 

What is your return policy ?

You may return any item that is damaged for a refund of the shipping and handling fee, issued in the same method as when payment was made or you may request to receive a replacement sent to you.

All customers are responsible for any shipping and handling charges of the item(s) to be returned to GoShoppingMall.com. GoShoppingMall.com will reimburse you for shipping charges on any item(s) exchanged because of damage or defect.

If you need to return an item, please include a note with your name, address, phone number and your GoShoppingMall.com Order Number. Ship your returned item(s) to:

Returns Dept. 
GoShoppingMall.com / American Sales Industries 
3560 Investment Lane, Suite 101 
Riviera Beach, FL 33404 


Do you offer a warranty on your products ?

The products and services sold and offered by GoShoppingMall.com are subject to any applicable warranties and representations by specific manufacturers.

GoShoppingMall.com makes no representation or warranty with respect to any product or service sold. 

I think the balance on my certificate is incorrect, what should I do ?

This problem may occur occasionally if someone is on the website for a long period of time without any activity. If you feel that the balance on your shopping cart is incorrect please close your browser and leave the website. Reopen your web browser, go back to the website and sign in again. This should clear the cache on your computer and reset your balance to the correct amount. If your account is registering a zero balance it is possible that you are behind a firewall at your work that will not allow you to access a database. If this is the case please access our site from your home.

If you are experiencing problems after trying the suggestion above, please email our Customer Service Department for assistance. 

What is your privacy policy and/or how do you use my information ?

Your personal information will not be sold, traded or used for any type of cross marketing program. Please be assured we will not use any of that information for any purposes other than processing your orders. GoShoppingMall.com knows that you care how information about you is used and shared, and we appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly.

During your shopping experience at www.GoShoppingMall.com you will be required to give us certain personal information to complete an order such as your name, address, and credit card information.  Your personal information is secure and held in strict confidence.

When an order has been placed with us we will send you a confirmation via e-mail. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your order we may try to contact you by telephone. Please note that if we contact you, our call will not be a solicitation call but simply a call to clear up any order questions or concerns. This notice describes our privacy policy. By visiting GoShoppingMall.com you are accepting the practices described in this Privacy Notice. 

What security precautions are in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of my information ?

Our website is located on highly secure servers behind a firewall. We use the latest technology available including firewalls, secured socket layers (SSL) and unique encryption encoded software. 

How can I contact you?

For any customer service issues, you may contact us via email at: Service@GoShoppingMall.com

For faster more efficient service please email us. 

If you are a card holder You only pay Shipping & Handling.

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