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Mighty Wrap
As Seen On TV:AS-185
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Mighty Wrap™ is a the permanent quick fix to fill, fix and seal almost any surface. Mighty Wrap™ is an epoxy and composite wrap repair solution. While other products like Mighty Putty are a completely epoxy based system, Mighty Wrap™'s success comes from the composite wrap that srengthens and reinforces the repair. Imagine placing a piece of gum to a pipe leak. What happens? The leak stops, similar to what happens with the use of an epoxy. But the problem here is, once you remove your finger from that piece of gum the pressure in the pipe weakens the gum until it comes off or begins to leak again. This problem has been solved with the use of the composite wrap. Once the epoxy is used to seal or fill the area the composite wrap is then applied tightly around the epoxy to complete the repair. When the wrap dries, it is like a thousand pound gorilla squeezing that piece of gum permanently so it doesn't come off.

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